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The Roku device is an instrument that you can use to watch any movie, show, music or documentary that you wish to watch on your TV. The device comes in two forms, as a stick device or a set up box. Both these devices can be connected either directly to the TV’s USB port or can be connected using an aux cable that comes along with it. If you choose to use an HDMI cable connection, it is highly recommended that you use a High-speed HDMI cable. It is important that your Roku device is almost always connected to the power adapter and power outlet to be functioning. The Roku device is an excellent choice if you want to watch movies in HD streaming quality and comes at a very reasonable and affordable price. Setting up your Roku device is super easy and is doable by anyone. You can either follow the instructions provided along with the device or find guidelines for the same in many online sites. The instructions for setting up any Roku device are entirely the same. Here is a detailed and easy to understand guideline set up process on how to do your Roku set up to your TV by using the specific Roku activation link code  and Roku enter link code provided to you:

  1. Choose a language
  • The first step in your set up process will be to choose the language you wish to see your programs in. Once the Roku device is switched on, the screen will prompt you to choose a language. All the dialogues and texts available in the Roku application will be displayed in the language you chose.
  • In order to choose a language, use the Roku remote to scroll up and down. Once you land on the desired language, press the OK button.
    • Note: It is the complete responsibility of the channel provider to translate languages in their respective channels. Not all languages may be supported by all the channels. In order to change the language set up on your Roku device, you can either do it from settings, if it doesn’t work, reset your device from the first.

2. Connect your Roku player your network and the internet

    • This is an important step in streaming your program. Choose a wireless network to connect to your Roku device. Punch in the password to get connected to the particular network. Generally, this is the same network that you use for connecting your laptop or smartphone with. If you are having trouble connecting, refresh and scan for networks once again.
    • In order to prevent typing in the wrong password, choose the option of “show password” while typing. Make sure you have checked the on-screen keyboard for capital letters or so, as the passwords are case-sensitive.
    • Once your password has been punched, you will automatically be connected to the internet.

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Note: A wi-fi connection is preferred over other internet sources due to its speed and network connectivity.

3. Wait for your Roku player to download the latest software available

Once your Roku device is connected to the internet, it will automatically check for software updates and reboot if there is new software available. For the smooth functioning of your device, it is always recommended to be updated to the latest available software. You can cross-check for software updates either in your settings or on the website.

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4. Choose the desired display type

To display the best resolution available to watch, your Roku player will automatically analyze the HDMI connection when you first start off. You can manually change this later on by going to settings and choosing your desired display type that best suits your screen.

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5. Create a Roku account and activate your Roku player

The next step would be to create a Roku account. This is a mandatory step to get started with for using your device. Not only does the device allow you to have a seamless movie watching experience, but it also keeps track of the other Roku devices that you own and allows you to purchase channels from the Roku store.

  • Note: Creating a Roku account is free. Zero charges are applicable for this step.

A clear guideline to setting up your Roku player will be screened on your TV screen. You will also have a Roku enter link code; e.g. “XCV6TG” that you will need to punch in through opening the www.roku/ through another browser on your smartphone or computer. All you need to do is enter the code in the section in the browser and follow the instructions to activate your Roku player.

  • Note: There are no charges applicable for the activation of your Roku device. Ensure you use a legal website to browse the Roku activation link code and avoid any kind of fraudulence related websites.

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6. You can now get started with your Roku device!

Once all the steps for activation are complete, The Roku player is ready to be used.

With the Roku device completely installed, you can now watch all your favorite shows and movies seamlessly. For further queries and information on your Roku device, it’s set up with activation link code and Roku enter link code and its application, read more on www.roku/

Roku Activation


  • What are the channels that can be watched with your Roku device?

Amazon, Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, Fandango Now are a few channels that you can watch through your subscription with them through your Roku device. There are many more on the list.


  • What is the cost of a Roku device?

There are different types of Roku devices that are available, with a starting price of just $29.99. It is a one-time investment and there are no monthly charges applicable to the device


  • Is there an activation fee for Roku?

Roku activation is absolutely free. Ensure you use the original website to activate your account to avoid being fooled by fraudulent websites.